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An evaluation of the Landcare for Teachers Program in the context of environmental education

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posted on 2023-05-27, 06:42 authored by Chen, Henry Cheng-li
Landcare education is part of environmental education and unique to Australia. This paper examines Landcare as an approach to Australian environmental education experience and looks at the practice of environmental education in Australia from the perspective of a Chinese student from Taiwan. This study should therefore benefit both Australia and the Republic of China (Taiwan). The study focuses on the Landcare for Teachers Program which is a promising teacher training course which will help educators to start or enhance their teaching in Landcare. The skills acquired by participants are also applicable to other subject areas and non-teaching activities. Evaluation is necessary before the program can successfully be extended from Tasmania to other Australian States and Territories, and be considered for use in other countries. An evaluation of the Landcare for Teachers Program was made using a questionnaire survey along with interviews of some of the participants and key persons including seminar leaders. Findings are based upon the questionnaire, interviews, and related documentary and statistical analysis. The results of the evaluation have allowed recommendations to be made for the Landcare for Teachers program and the potential for developing a similar program in the Republic of China to be assessed. The major findings are that the Landcare for Teachers Program has a very positive response from participants, more than 90% satisfaction rate, which is an indication of its success; however, the course content lacks a clear philosophical direction, such as might be derived from the environmental ethic of, for example, the Australian Aboriginal culture. In addition, some course topics need more careful design to cater for the differing needs of primary and secondary school teachers, taking account of their different training backgrounds and teaching subject areas.


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