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An expert system for voltage control and reactive power compensation planning in the HEC system

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posted on 2023-05-26, 19:03 authored by Le, TL
The paper describes an application of an Expert system to the control of voltages and to the evaluation of optimum levels of reactive power compensation in electric power systems. The expert system is designed to assist in Hydro Electric Commission (HEC) transmission planning studies. Load flow studies of the future configuration of the power system often indicates problems with low voltage levels. To alleviate such problems a decision is required on the choice of control actions which could include the adjustment of machine terminal voltages, or of tap changers on transformers, or the switching of shunt capacitors. The network sensitivity analysis is utilised to select the most effective control action. The results include specification of the optimal location for shunt capacitors and recommend a size of capacitor bank. The expert system also evaluates the security level for different contingency outages to select the most severe contingency case for the voltage and reactive power control study. The criteria used is based on reactive power reserve margin. The expert system was developed on the basis of a commercial package VP-EXPERT. The concept of the system utilises the sensitivity tree method to formulate the problem and assist in decision­ making. VP-EXPERT interacts with PSSE (Power System Simulator Engineering) which is a power flow software package used by the HEC in load flow analysis. PSSE is provided with an internal data manipulation language !PLAN which allows the creation and analysis of a network sensitivity matrix and the construction of a knowledge base. The expert system has been successfully tested against the AEP 14-bus network and the North-East Tasmania subsystem. Results of these tests are discussed.


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