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Assessing organizational effectiveness in Australia's Plant Quarantine Service

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posted on 2023-05-26, 22:54 authored by Djuwadi,
Plant quarantine is significant for countries like Australia whose agricultural sector plays an important role in their income earnings. This activity is carried out with the aim to protect agriculture and the environment from the damages which may be caused by hazardous organisms inadvertently introduced by men. Those organisms may be plant pests or diseases, whose introduction can be harmful. That is why they must always be kept outside Australia, and this is done through plant quarantine. The plant quarantine activities in Australia are carried out by the States' Departments of Agriculture on behalf of the Commonwealth. The Commonwealth department which is responsible for plant quarantine at the present time is the Department of Primary Industry. This responsibility is discharged through one of its eleven divisions-The Australian Agricultural Health and Quarantine Service. The Department of Primary Industry has just recently been given the responsibility of plant quarantine following the administrative arrangement which transferred to it that responsibility from the Department of Health. Due to the importance of plant quarantine, the organization which is responsible for its discharge must always be effective.. This dissertation is concerned with the study of organizational effectiveness of Australia's plant quarantine service, in terms of how the organization can be assessed. In the first part of this dissertation, the literature on organizational effectiveness is reviewed with the purpose of identifying a framework for analysing the effectiveness of the concerned organization. Current assessments of the organization are also reviewed. In the second part of this dissertation, the state of Australia's plant quarantine service is forwarded as background information. In the last part of this dissertation, the assessment problem and its application to Australia's plant quarantine service is discussed. The proposed model in this dissertation is a modification of the process model. While it is used in assessing the effectiveness of Australia's plant quarantine service it may also be used in other plant quarantine organizations, for example in Indonesia's, plant quarantine service, in which the writer has been working for the last fourteen years.


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