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Boyongan and bayugo porphyry copper-gold deposits NE Mindanao, Philippines:Geology, geochemistry, and tectonic evolution

posted on 2023-05-27, 08:10 authored by Braxton, DP
The recently-discovered Boyongan and Bayugo porphyry copper-gold deposits are part of an emerging belt of intrusion-centered gold-rich deposits in the Surigao district of NE Mindanao, Philippines. Since their formation in the Mid-Pliocene, exhumation and weathering of these deposits has lead to the development of a 600-m thick oxidation profile at Boyongan, and a modest(30-70m) oxidation profile at Bayugo. debris flows, volcanic material, and fluvio-lacustrine sediments accumulating in the actively extending Mainit graben subsequently covered the weathered deposits, preserving the supergene profiles.


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