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Cadburys at Claremont : an antipodean Bournville?

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posted on 2023-05-27, 09:25 authored by Ruth BartonRuth Barton
The Cadbury-Fry-Pascall Ltd (Cadbury) factory established at Claremont, Tasmania in 1921 was unique insofar as it involved the complete transfer of a British based company and management, with associated welfare and planning traditions, to a community of workers from a British cultural background living in Australia. A number of reasons can be put forward concerning the willingness of the Cadbury family as directors and managers, to implement identical welfare services in Tasmania. An examination is made of the principles, development and social consequences of these welfare services in order to arrive at historical and sociological explanations. These explanations are based upon considerations of four interrelated elements : the use of welfare as a means of gaining control over the workforce, the religious ideology of the Quaker owners, the Progressive ideas of the contemporary management and the attitudes of the Australian workers.


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