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Civic practices : a study of civics and citizenship education at a Tasmanian government secondary school

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posted on 2023-05-26, 20:38 authored by Gray, IT
Much of the research on citizenship and civics education fails to recognise and explore the importance of individual citizenship practices, institutional performance and the patterning of civic culture. This study uses a single site of an urban Tasmanian government secondary school to examine how students understand and practice citizenship, and how the school functions as a civic community. The study identifies factors which act as facilitators to students developing a sense of membership and entitlement, framing their interests, developing understandings, making commitments and attachments to civic obligations and civil society. The study argues that citizenship education be a major focus in the school's curriculum, and for citizenship practices to be modelled at both the individual and institutional level. A model for examining the school as a civic community is developed in the study, through focusing on the school's pedagogical, leadership, cultural, management and governance practices that enhance its civic outcomes.


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