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Clifford algebras and geometry of entanglement

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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:34 authored by Imahori, I
In this thesis, the complex Clifford algebra and its representation are introduced as a foundation of our geometrical description of quantum states. An inner product and a metric are defined on the matrix representation in a natural way, so that it has the structure of a Hilbert space and a Riemannian manifold. In particular, the set of D x D pure density operators which de-scribe n-qubit pure states, where D = 2\\(^n\\) and n is a natural number, is characterised as the set of D x D positive operators whose associated quadratic forms satisfy the Fierz identities and the normalisation condition. Then this set is, in fact, nothing but the complex projective space ‚Äövëvá‚Äövëv¥\\(^{D-1}\\). Further-more, the fibre bundle S\\(^{2D-1}\\) ‚Äövúv¿ ‚Äövëvá‚Äövëv¥\\(^{D-1}\\) is derived from the construction of the space of D x D pure density operators, and its bundle projection provides the natural correspondence between the two formulations of quantum mechanics, namely, the state vector formulation and the density operator formulation. The single qubit state case and the two-qubit pure state case are ex-plored intensively as examples. For the single qubit case, both pure and mixed states are discussed explicitly in terms of the Clifford algebra description along with the `mixedness' of a single qubit state, and the Riemannian structure of the space of single qubit pure density operators is examined. For the two-qubit case, the Clifford algebra description is discussed explicitly in relation to the Fierz identities, and, by employing the reduced density operators, it is shown that the concurrence of a two-qubit pure density operator coincides with the 'mixedness' of the reduced density operators. In addition, from this viewpoint, the \EPR paradox\" is examined as a more geometrically precise illustrated example."


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