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Cognitive and memory processes in obsessive-compulsive checking

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posted on 2023-05-26, 20:11 authored by Dewis, Louise
A wide array of neurobiological, neuropsychological and cognitive models have been formulated in an attempt to explain the development and persistence of obsessive-compulsive checking. Memory processes, including impaired memory for actions and confidence in memory, and cognitive variables such as exaggerated threat appraisal, inflated personal responsibility and 'intolerance to uncertainty, have received much attention in recent years. Although researchers generally agree that multiple factors are likely to be involved in this disorder, a coherent model articulating the contribution and relative importance and contributions of each has not been forthcoming. This review provides an overview of obsessive-compulsive checking and research efforts in the fields of memory and cognitive psychology with regard to this disorder. Limitations of the existing research are discussed to highlight barriers to the development of a more complete understanding of checking behaviour.


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