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Communists and the great depression in Tasmania 1930 ‚Äö- 1935

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posted on 2023-05-27, 06:59 authored by Tkaczuk, WJ
How does one go about ridding society of its obvious evils, that is, the great contrasts between rich and poor, the privileged and the deprived and even the healthy and the sick? By the late nineteenth century a wide spectrum of European, and indeed world, thought had come to identify these evils with the capitalist mode of production, a tribute certainly to the analysis of society provided by Marx and Engels, but, more than that, an admission that if the capitalist mode of production could be overthrown and replaced by a new social order in which the worker no longer had seized from him the products of his labour by exploiters, there would be sufficient of the better things of life for all men.Men would become equal and even the division into healthy and sick might be to a large extent eliminated, for so many health problems were attributed to the squalid conditions in which the poor lived and their inability to afford medical care.


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