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Document, Master of Fine Arts : coursework 1989-1990

posted on 2023-05-26, 23:54 authored by Glick, Rodney
STATEMENT INDICATING INTENT AND THOUGHT During the last few years and including time spent in the post-graduate diploma course at Curtin University, my work has increasingly been concerned with the way meanings are constructed. I am particularly interested in the differences between such categories of meaning as \serious\" \"humorous\" etc and the boundaries that exist in language which determines these categories. Much of my work has been to subvert these boundaries and to create incidents or events that are anomalous that is that which can't be easily placed in such a category. For instance visual puns to do with houses can be both serious and humorous given the chance of being manipulated. I am also interested in the way written or cypher language is translated to the visual and again the potential of such translation for subversion i.e. \"The Door is ajar\" can mean what it says and can look like the door as \"a jar\". It is the translation of written or spoken grammar into the visual where I see much potential and fun for making art. Words and their meanings or mis-interpretations fascinate me. I want to play with visual imagery in the same way punning misquoting and generally subverting the written language is used by authors to create humour. In my current work I am building fifty snow shakers of the souvenir type. The language structures of these popular almost kitch items interests me for their ability to create humour and play. Firstly I am working on the fact that these items in themselves represent the type of mass imagery presented to us through the use of the media where one image just blends into the next:- Mass produced products create mass produced images and secondly the juxtaposition of written and verbal language which often present say the name of a city or country with an image set together inside the snow shaker. This relationship is usually open to plenty of abuse! Roland Bathes essay on the written text's ability to anchor the visual image is the type of theory underpinning my work. Where the images are changed by their relationship to written language. It is in this area that I am interested. All this is conditional by my belief that art should be fun and work to create communication between artist and audience."


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Thesis (M.F.A.)--University of Tasmania, 1991. Includes bibliographical references

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