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Educating about disabilities : an evaluation of a teaching package on epilepsy for primary school students

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posted on 2023-05-26, 20:42 authored by Lee, NA
This dissertation addressed the problem of changing attitudes towards those people with disabilities, specifically changing the attitudes of primary school children towards people with epilepsy. A literature search was undertaken to assess the current views on the nature of attitudes and attitude change, and to examine the sources of attitudes toward the disabled. A lack of knowledge about disabilities was seen as one determining factor influencing attitudes. As a result, a research study was undertaken which established the level of children's general knowledge of epilepsy using a knowledge-based questionnaire as the measuring instrument. After the questionnaire, the children were either (a) presented with a lesson about people with epilepsy (b) exposed to no further information about epilepsy. After six months, the scores of the different groups were compared, together with scores from a group of children who had not been exposed to the questionnaire nor been presented with any information. All children were given an attitude questionnaire following the final knowledge-based questionnaire. The children who had been presented with the lesson about people with epilepsy had significantly higher scores both on the knowledge-based and attitudinal questionnaires. The dissertation presents an account of the above research, together with an evaluation of the teaching materials used.


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