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Effects of Second Language Learning on First Language English Skills: Southern Tasmanian Teacher Perceptions

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posted on 2023-05-27, 14:14 authored by Jensen, RE
This research examined the following question: What effects do Southern Tasmanian English teachers perceive second language learning to have on high-school students' first language English skills?‚ÄövÑvp This focus was chosen to reflect the researcher's interest in second language (L2) learning, which was inspired by observing improvements in first language (L1) English skills as a result of L2 learning from personal experience. In order to establish whether other L2 students in Southern Tasmania experienced a similar effect, high-school English teachers were interviewed and asked to comment on the effects they had noticed (if any) in their students. From the data collected, it appears that the researcher is not alone in experiencing benefits to L1 English as a result of L2 learning. In particular, teacher participants observed that their students experienced positive linguistic effects to their L1 grammar, vocabulary and awareness of language, and positive non-linguistic effects in the areas of cultural awareness and improved work ethic. These findings outline some of the benefits of L2 learning on L1, and provide an argument for continuing (and even possibly increasing) L2 learning opportunities in schools.


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