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English : logic and syntax.

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posted on 2023-05-27, 00:00 authored by Foster, Monica Jean
This paper presents the results of research undertaken in order to examine two major subjects in the field of syntactic theory with application to English. The one subject concerns problems of procedure which have arisen from recent publications in analysing and presenting the syntax of English and other natural languages. The other concerns the relationship of certain artificial languages of symbolic logic with the syntax of English, and ensuing general implications concerning the nature of the artificial languages, Both studies were undertaken with the aim of clarifying procedures for the classification of morphemes into class variables and constants, and of clarifying formation and transformation rules which can be applied to then. It is hoped that the results will provide not only knowledge of the structure of English, but some information upon syntactic theory in general. It Is also hoped that they will provide some preliminary resolution of problems in the development of a calculus of English for machine use.


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