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Exploring metaphysical meaning through the construction of physical objects

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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:11 authored by Knight, W
This thesis proposes to give physical form to a metaphysical system which does not reference any specific religion or spiritual philosophy. It achieves this by accessing personal fantasy and dream images, mutated through a primordial urge to create physical objects, rather than any form of analysis, as a means of communion. It is not possible to express such an abstract concept with images that have clearly pre-conceived attachments. However, it is necessary to retain sufficient familiarity to connect with feelings from an unconscious source. The solution to this dilemma has been found in presenting an eclectic range of found and assembled objects that are connected in a seemingly random, but intuitively meaningful way, to provide an abstract narrative. The abstraction has been aided by the use of vivid colour, chosen for its emotional intensity. In each work the range was limited, sometimes to a single colour, so that both the form and the colour have retained a separate identity. The thesis contains material that acts as an interface, providing new images that can be incorporated into independent metaphysical narratives, which are mediated by the personal experience of each viewer.


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