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Factors associated with interest in using genetic testing to identify predisposition for psychological and physical health conditions

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posted on 2023-05-28, 00:02 authored by Duggan, EI
This study examines willingness to engage in genetic testing for predisposition of psychological disorders in contrast to physical health conditions. Further considered is interest genetic testing between conditions of proximal and distal onset. The Theory of Planned Behaviour was employed to investigate whether attitudes, subjective norms and perceived behavioural control were associated with the level of interest towards testing for physical and psychological conditions. A total of 178 participants aged 18 years and above (mean age = 32.6 years; female N = 149, male N = 25, other N = 4) completed an online survey of their attitudes towards health and genetic testing and indicated their level of interest in having a genetic test to identify predisposition to physical and psychological health conditions. Participants expressed greater interest towards testing for physical compared to psychological conditions. Greater interest in testing was also revealed for distal conditions compared to those with a typically earlier onset. Results from regression analyses provided partial support for the Theory of Planned Behaviour in accounting for interest in genetic testing for physical and psychological disorders, with attitudes towards genetic testing the greatest predictive factor in willingness towards genetic testing across all outcome measures


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