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posted on 2023-05-27, 07:28 authored by Bulte, Daniel(Daniel Peter)
The effect of applied external stress on the magnetic properties of ferromagnetic materials has been recognised as one of the most important ferromagnetic phenomena for over a century. Research into the field has been driven by investigations of non-destructive testing, degaussing, and maritime applications. A comprehensive investigation of the magnetomechanical behaviour of mild steel under static biaxial stresses was undertaken with the intention of adapting and improving techniques of obtaining magnetic and strain data, producing accurate data for analysis, and developing insights into a tentative alternative theory of stress and magnetism. A method of obtaining Initial Magnetisation Curves is presented which equates them with Normal Magnetisation Curves. A conceptual mechanism by which applied stress and magnetism interact is introduced in order to explain coincident points and kinks on hysteresis loops obtained at different, static biaxial stresses. Finally the set of biaxial strain and magnetisation data is presented for a mild steel cruciform specimen.


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