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Form and function : the image on the inside of the eggshell : an investigation of GE technology, its applications, the ethics involved and the possible physical and psychological impact of such procedures

posted on 2023-05-27, 16:28 authored by Pitchford, Jo(Joanne)
My research examines the techniques of GE and its many applications, from GE food crops and animals, xenotransplantation, stem cell research, cloning and eugenics. My project focuses on the possible effects these research practices could have on the environment and all ecosystems, the effects regarding the consequences to people exposed to these practices and the ethical issues involved. The visual components of my work express my concepts of the aberrant life forms that could possibly occur as the result of the misuse of GE technology. I have used photographic images and actual (as opposed to metaphoric) images on the inside of eggshells to express these concepts in a 'literal' form. The bone shadow installation is a metaphor indicating the 'foreshadowing' of the jumbled results of the mixing of genetic material from many different species. The installation could also be interpreted as a glimpse of future life forms; formed, but not yet functioning.


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