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Gauge dependence of renormalization constants

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posted on 2023-05-27, 08:26 authored by Beven, Terence Patrick
This thesis presents a complete, self-contained list of the renormalization constants Z in unified gauge models to second order in the gauge coupling constant g for four gauge choices. These are the Lorentz covariant (parameter c) gauges, the axial and Coulomb gauges, and a general non-covariant gauge (parameter a2/b2). Specific details of the calculation of the one-loop infinities are provided. It is thus possible to explicitly verify the Ward-Slavnov-Taylor identities to this order. Comparisons are made which suggest parallelisms between the non-covariant gauges and certain covariant gauges. For instance, the infinities in the axial gauge are exactly what one would find in the Lorentz gauge with c = -3. Similarly, less clear correspondences are found between the Coulomb and Fermi (c = 1) gauges, and between a general non-covariant gauge with a2/b2 = -3 and the Landau (c = 0) gauge. Finally, we are able to present for every Lorentz gauge an 'equivalent' non-covariant gauge, and viceversa.


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