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Get moving in maths : engaging students in active mathematical experiences

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posted on 2023-05-27, 14:14 authored by Gleadow, JL
Rates of student participation in mathematics are declining, especially at the tertiary level, where in some states in Australia students' have the option to choose mathematics. Recent research also suggests that students as young as nine are expressing negative feelings towards mathematics (Larkin & Jorgensen, 2015). A recommendation from researchers is to enable teachers of mathematics to implement pedagogical strategies, which engage students. The aim of this research project was to investigate whether there is a link between purposeful movement within mathematics and an increase in overall student engagement. This was investigated from the perspectives of both the participating teacher and her class of Grade 1 students. The results showed that students were highly affectively engaged in mathematics learning when movement was present. In fact, one of the main findings of this study was the high level of interest and very low levels of frustration identified by the participating students when undertaking mathematical activities. This is of relevance for educational professionals as it suggests that purposeful movement within mathematics has the potential to increase interest and decrease frustration, which could be a factor in slowing the decline of engagement in mathematics.


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