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Global struggle against illicit drug traffic : a case study of Australia

posted on 2023-05-26, 21:30 authored by Kang, Song Y
Illicit drug traffic is a serious problem in many countries because of its tremendous adverse social, economic and political impacts. Illicit drug traffic is international in nature. A drug illicitly produced in one country often ends up in another country, changing hands many times in different countries. This international nature of illicit drug traffic warrants effective and concerted international action to fight it. Since the harms of drug abuse and the problems of illicit drug traffic came to the attention of the international community in the early part of this century, efforts have been exerted to establish and improve an international legal framework to provide principles and guidelines for effective national and international action in the control of drugs and the fight against illicit drug traffic. Several multilateral drug treaties have been concluded to that end. Since these treaties are not self-executing, they must be fully implemented by national Governments to produce the desired effects. This study examines Australia's implementation of the multilateral drug treaties to which it is a Party. The focus will be placed on three aspects, which are: extradition of illicit drug related offenders; mutual legal assistance in the fight against the traffic; and other forms of international cooperation. Current trends in worldwide illicit drug traffic having impacts on Australia are also briefly discussed to indicate directions for Australia's future action in the fight against illicit drug traffic.


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