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ISO 14001 implementation in Australia

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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:22 authored by Huang, Ning
This study investigates the current situation of ISO 14001 implementation in Australia. It focuses on selected issues such as: (1) the most important reasons for organizations in Australia to adopt ISO 14001; (2) the benefits and costs of certification in Australia; and (3) the problems encountered by early adopters that attained ISO 14001 in Australia. To address these issues, a mail survey was sent to 190 samples, which represented 199 companies that were certified to ISO 14001 before March 2000 in Australia. Seventy three questionnaires were returned providing approximately 40% response rate overall. The results show that the most important reasons behind the adoption of ISO 14001 by companies in Australia were improving environmental performance, enhancing due diligence, and improving regulation compliance. Environmental reasons were rated as more important than other reasons such as business competition mentioned in overseas literature. The results also show that the costs of implementing ISO 14001 are very different from one company to another. It depends on many factors like how many sites and how many programs. Most respondents reported that benefits from ISO 14001 implementation are internal rather than market benefits. The results highlight that several problems arise when implementing ISO 14001 in Australia. These problems should be addressed by regulators and later adopters in order to gain more benefit for organizations that choose to adopt ISO 14001 in Australia.


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