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In vitro investigation of the inhibitory effect of fucoidan on ‚Ķv´-glucoisidase enzyme activity

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posted on 2023-05-27, 12:50 authored by Yin, X
Context. Diabetes causes a significant burden to the society and individuals. Current treatments exhibit many limitations. Therefore more effective and safer medications are required for its treatment. Objective. The aim of this study was to investigate the inhibitory effects of fucoidans from Undaria pinnatifida, Fucus vesiculosus and Fucus synergy on the activity of ‚Ķv´-glucosidase. Materials and methods. Enzyme activity and enzyme kinetics of ˜í¬±‚Äö-glucosidase enzyme extracted from rat‚Äö-intestinal acetone powder were carried out using standard calibration curve of p‚Äö-nitrophenol. Then enzyme inhibition assay was carried out using fucoidan from three different sources. Water and acarbose were used as negative and positive controls respectively. Results. The enzyme activity, Km and Vmax of ˜í¬±‚Äö-glucosidase were 0.0381 U ml-1, 8.8339 ˜í¬¿g and 0.2885 ¬¨¬µg ml-1 respectively. Acarbose showed inhibition of ˜í¬±‚Äö-glucosidase activity while three different types of tested fucoidan showed very little or no activity. Discussion and conclusion. Experimental results showed negligible inhibitory effect of fucoidan on the activity of ˜í¬±‚Äö-glucosidase.


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