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Issues associated with the relationship between HR and ITS of the DSD

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posted on 2023-05-27, 07:41 authored by Siggins, GT
The effective management of Human Resources (HR) and Information Technology Services (ITS) is crucial to the success of an organisation. HR and ITS are widely perceived to be two very distinct and separate entities. Consequently, they often operate autonomously and in isolation from each other. However, the common support role that both HR and ITS occupy within an organisation ensures a great deal of commonalities and overlap in the operations that they perform. Therefore, an opportunity exists for HR and ITS to enhance their operations by strengthening their relationship and working together to develop and exploit the issues that overlap the two fields. This investigation seeks to gain insight into the issues associated with the relationship between the HR and ITS units of the Department of State Development (DSD). The researcher adopted qualitative research techniques employing the interpretivist epistemology and a subjective ontology. Semi-structured face-to-face interviews were used as the principal data gathering technique, with observations being used as an additional source of information gathering. The data collected was analysed using a coding process that scrutinised and refined the data over three progressive levels of coding; open, axial and selective coding. The investigation will reveal the major issues associated with the relationship between HR and ITS of the DSD as perceived by the staff employed within those business units, ultimately culminating in the identification of two dominant issues: organisational restrictions and strategic focus. The study has the potential to act as an excellent guide to further develop recommendations that may assist the DSD to address the issues identified.


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