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Journey with clinical nurses to discover the possibilities of critical reflective practice in teaching and learning nursing

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posted on 2023-05-26, 02:45 authored by Bingham, S
Ethnography is the chosen methodology for this study. The research participants are a group of clinical nurses undertaking a Post-registration Perioperative Nursing Course. As Co-ordinator of this course I introduced reflective practice as a teaching/learning strategy with the aim of providing these clinical nurses with an opportunity to individually and collectively reflect on their practice. The intention of the research is to explore the role of reflective practice as a teaching/learning strategy to promote critical thinking, to engage these nurses in a reflective process through which they can explore the nature of perioperative nursing practice and what it means for them to be peri operative nurses and to discover the possibilities of this reflective process in terms of its potential to develop critical consciousness. Data for this research is in the form of journal entries written by these nurses and myself and my observations as a participant observer during reflective practice discussions. The common themes which emerge from the data are explored and discussed. The process of critical reflection in which these clinical nurses are engaged unfolds through the larger narrative of peri operative nursing culture.


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