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Language of the mute : a visual interrogation of Arago's image : Baie des Chiens-marins, presqui'ile Peron. Entrevue avec les sauvages

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posted on 2023-05-27, 13:27 authored by Schiltz, MJ
This project investigates the syntax of the print and the manner in which the structure of one image might be utilised to develop a sense of visual synthesis and meaning within another series of prints. The image at the centre of my investigation has been a watercolour by Jacques-Etienne Victor Arago, a French artist and explorer, who arrived on the western coast of Australia on 12th September, 1818, as part of Captain Freycinet's expedition. The original watercolour, titled Premiere Entrevue avec les Sauvages was created as a reflective response to Freycinet's meeting with a group of Aboriginal Australians. The image was subsequently interpreted by Marie Alexandre Duparc, one of the official French Government engravers and was published in Freycinet's Promenade autour du Monde (1825) as Baie des Chiensmarins, presqu'ile Peron. Entrevue avec les Sauvages. Subsequent research into Duparc's 19th century engraving and other images of the period has lead me to examine how gesture has been used to express non-verbal language and how the mistranslation of original texts can give rise to potentially new associations and meanings. The project focuses on these gestures and I examine how those depicted by Duparc subtly undermine the original image. The result of this investigation has been manifested in a wide range of my prints and books that demonstrate how history can be approached from a visual perspective. I have consolidated the anomalies I perceived in the 'primary sources' - the images by Arago and Duparc - to develop a suite of works that examines my own experience of history and place. Therefore as well as an investigation into the syntax of the print, this research project can also be considered as a mirrored or reflective autobiography.


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