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Management of change in a large semi-government organisation with implications for management training

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posted on 2023-05-27, 18:21 authored by Peebles, DR
In July 1983, the then Australian Broadcasting Commission embarked on a massive organisational change process. Cosmetic changes included a name change. The new Australian Broadcasting Corporation attempted to address many deficiencies recognised and recorded by Mr Alex Dix, Chairman of a Committee of Review which reported to Federal Parliament in May 1981. The first Managing Director of the restructured A.B.C., Mr Geoffrey Whitehead was appointed on 31st October, 1983. Then followed three turbulent years during which time many of the changes envisaged did not occur. Some did occur, but not without organisational trauma and others were implemented relatively successfully. Mr Whitehead's premature resignation from the organisation in December 1986, defined a specific period in which to focus an analysis of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's attempt at organisational-change. This study explores contemporary texts on the management of' organisational change. From the theories emerging, a framework for the successful management of change is developed. This framework is presented in the form of a questionnaire and then applied to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's change experiences. The changes attempted by that organisation are analysed to determine their compliance with contemporary change-management theories. The study then examines the use of training during the change process and makes some observations on the implications for training during organisational change. The conclusion of the dissertation indicates that a large number of the guidelines for successful organisational change emerging from the literature, were not observed during the ABC experience. This may validate the suggestion that the ABC's attempt at change was unsuccessful.


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