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Marine protected areas and marine education : a case study of Tasmania and Victoria

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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:34 authored by Kasai, R
Throughout the world, Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) have been declared mainly for biodiversity conservation and scientific purposes. However, the establishment and management of MPAs has not adequately addressed their important educational benefits. Interpretation signs and dive trails can be found at educationally managed MPAs that encourage the public to deepen their knowledge on the relatively undisturbed local marine environment. Education at both school and community levels need long-term commitment, nevertheless it can generate appreciation and support for conserving the marine environment. There are two aims for the thesis: to identify educational policies, strategies and opportunities to promote MPAs in Victoria and Tasmania; and to assess factors that could enhance MPAs for education purposes in Tasmania. In addition, four objectives were identified: to outline the development of MPAs at national and state levels; to review and analyse school and community based marine education programs in Victoria and Tasmania; to conduct a questionnaire and assess the degree of commitment of government and non-governmental organisations to marine education and MPAs; and to identify MPAs that could be used to support marine education for schools and the community. Research questionnaires were distributed to key informants involved in MPAs and marine education in Tasmania and Victoria. The questionnaires were distributed in order to investigate existing marine education policies, strategies and programs, values and use of MPAs for educational purposes, resources for marine educational activities, impediments to their implementation and marine education programs for promoting the development of MPAs. The conclusion shows that despite a recent increase in concern about the marine environment, the development of marine education policy and programs through the declaration of MPAs has been inadequate in Tasmania. The study recommends the designation and expansion of a number of Tasmanian MPAs for educational use.


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