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Mask, strategies and inspection time

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posted on 2023-05-27, 07:35 authored by Bingham, EB
This study evaluated a number of procedural problems in the Inspection Time research which had not previously been evaluated. Three problems appeared to be related to the backward masking stimuli and procedure used in the measurement of Inspection Time. In the course of the study three new masks were generated and evaluated for effectiveness and reliability in controlling effectiveness and reliability in controlling post-masking cues. The effect of these different masks on mean I.T. measure and on the I.T.-I.Q. correlation was assessed. The occurrence and nature of strategy use across different target-mask stimuli was examined, classified and documented. Finally, the extent and nature of practice effects was determined. All these procedural problems were found to be closely interrelated and all were shown to affect the measurement of Inspection Time. Results clearly indicated that the procedural aspects of the Inspection Time measure need to be standardised and controlled before the reliability and meaningfulness of the LT.-I.Q. correlation can be fully realised.


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