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posted on 2023-05-26, 18:57 authored by McKee, Hugh James
During the first year of the program I will be working on designs for domestic use made according to the simple guidelines of modern design. That is that the items be, functional, durable, aesthetically pleasing, of reasonable cost and quality. I would like to develop a related range of furniture, which accords with the way in which I would like these items to be made for myself. As I do not feel that I have particularly unusual needs I hope that some of these pieces will have commercial potential. In addition I will work on drawings and ideas for the work I would like to do in the second year. During the second year I will work on some larger pieces which address some of the concerns of theory and practice with which I am grappling. I would hope to develop these pieces as expressive both of the technical and resource problems in which I am interested (use of minor species timbers, the possibilities of sawn veneer, the aesthetics of combinations of materials) and that the works should be expressive emotively. I am interested in developing work which has a distinct emotional quality, not that it would be particularly disturbing, but that it provokes a response. To a certain extent furniture is regarded like air conditioning in that if you don't notice it then it must be working. Whilst I do not want to simply do the opposite; there are certain characteristics of furniture which have strong emotional connotations, drawers and secrecy, chairs and comfort, desks and efficiency, shelves and order, I would like to play around with some of these qualities to produce a different response to the typical.




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