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Maternal influence on childhood anxiety and self-efficacy

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posted on 2023-05-27, 14:57 authored by White, MA
The current study examined the influences that maternal parenting attitude and skills, maternal anxiety and perceived maternal self-efficacy levels have on their sons' anxiety and self-efficacy levels. Bagels and Phares, (2008); Matthewson, (2009) found mothers and fathers influence their child's anxiety and self-efficacy levels, however they make different contributions and recommended further research in this phenomenon. To expand on parental influences on childhood anxiety and self-efficacy, the present study examined the mother/son dyad, specifically how maternal parental attitude, anxiety and self-efficacy impacts on her son. Structured interviews on (n = 36) boys 8 -12 years of age and their biological mothers from intact families residing in the same home were conducted. It was hypothesised that the level of maternal anxiety would influence her son's anxiety levels, secondly it was hypotheses a mother's perceived self-efficacy would be associated with her son's self-efficacy levels. Finally it was hypothesised that maternal parenting attitude and skills would influence her son's anxiety and self-efficacy levels. The data supported the hypotheses that maternal anxiety influenced the sons' anxiety levels, and that maternal parenting attitude and skills influenced her sons' anxiety levels. Although the studies second hypothesis did not attain statistical significance at the p = < .05 level, it approached it at the p =< .07. The results indicated an association between maternal state anxiety and the son's perceived trait anxiety and that the level of trait anxiety is positively associated with the level of perceived self-efficacy. Childhood anxiety and self-efficacy would all benefit from future more diverse research into these associations.


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