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Mathematics assessment in the primary school

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posted on 2023-05-27, 18:09 authored by Sierink, Tania
As society evolves and changes, so does the education system within it. Educators, and in particular teachers, are constantly looking for more effective ways to develop children's knowledge, understandings, attitudes and skills. The changing needs of society, as well as changes in educational philosophy, have led to the development of
ew\" curriculums and guidelines in the mathematics area -as well as in other educational areas. One important and complex aspect of these documents and of current teaching and learning practices is the issue of assessment. A number of factors relating to the issue of assessment are considered in this study. These factors include the aims of assessment what to assess and when the use of the most appropriate and effective methods of assessment and consideration of the role that assessment plays in the context of the complete mathematics program in view of the current changes in educational philosophy and practice. The Australian perspective on mathematics assessment is examined and some of the recently occurring changes in assessment and reporting practices are outlined briefly. In a case study on assessment and reporting practices a series of questions on assessment are given to eight teachers from one school. These questions aim to determine the essential components of their assessment practices and the role that assessment plays in their classroom mathematics program. Some of the results of the investigation are then compared with associated research on assessment."


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