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Meaning in music : towards criteria for a personal philosophy of music for the practising musician

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posted on 2023-05-26, 17:38 authored by Langlois, RJ
The practicing musician is involved in the day-to-day business of presenting \music\" in its many forms and expressions to an audience of some kind. This thesis explores the proposition that a philosophy of music is necessary to the musician and that such a philosophy cannot be separated from a philosophy of life. Through a discussion of the meaning of life and the meaning of music as an expression of art this paper develops criteria for a philosophy of music for the practising musician. Such a philosophy must: 1. be grounded in a philosophy of the whole of life. 2. show how art is related to the origin and nature of man. 3. include a definition of art. 4. link music and life experience. In seeking to move towards such a basis for a philosophy of music the thesis draws on philosophical contributions related to both life and music particularly in the collection The Meaning of Life edited by Klemke and through aspects of the theories of art and its life-connectedness explored by John Dewey IredellJenkins and Leland Ryken in their books. Art and Experience Art and the Human Enterprise and Culture in Christian Perspective respectively."


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