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Mental health service use among people with cancer, anxiety, and depression : analysis of the Australian national health survey

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posted on 2023-05-27, 09:06 authored by Emma RichardsonEmma Richardson
`Objectives:` Access to mental health services for people with co-morbid cancer and anxiety/depression are an essential component of comprehensive quality care. The present study explored differences in mental health service use among people with and without cancer and/or anxiety/depression in Australia, as well as associations between health service use and health and sociodemographic characteristics. `Methods:` Data from 14,560 adults was obtained from the 2014-15 Australian National Health Survey (NHS). Participants were categorised as having no cancer nor anxiety/depression, cancer only, anxiety/depression only, or both cancer and anxiety/depression. Across these groups, GP, specialist, and mental health use was compared, with analyses to identify the sociodemographic and health characteristics associated with each groups health service use also completed. \\(Results:\\) GP, specialist, and mental health service use was significantly greater among those with cancer, anxiety/depression, and both cancer and anxiety/depression, than those with no cancer or anxiety/depression. More specifically, although mental health service use was greatest among those with cancer and anxiety/depression, the addition of cancer made little difference to the amount of access when compared to those with anxiety/depression only. Mental health service use was significantly lower among males and those with better self-rated health, and became less likely as people aged. `Conclusion:` Increased access to mental health services for people with cancer and anxiety/depression is required, particularly for males, older adults, and those at social and economic disadvantage. To increase referrals and uptake of mental health services, education for both health professionals and people with cancer and/or anxiety/depression, along with the creation of more accessible services, is essential.


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