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Methods of analysis of ceramides and their relation to milk products

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posted on 2023-05-27, 00:21 authored by George, Edwin Ernest
The analysis of milk lipids, especially ceramide, by thin layer chromatography is described. The variation of ceramide in milk and milk products under different external conditions is noted. The fatty acid composition of milk ceramide and sphingomyelin is determined by gas-liquid chromatography of the trimethylsilyl derivatives after separation by TLC followed by hydrolysis. Quantitative methods of analysis of ceramides are developed, and the ceramide in milk and milk products estimated by picrylsulphonic acid. Finally, some synthetic ceramides are prepared and analysed by TLC, infra red spectroscopy and mass spectroscopy, the methods to be used (with GLC) in the future for the complete analysis of the varied components of milk ceramides. Some anomalous TLC spots are observed with structures possibly different from the usual straight-chain form of ceramide.


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