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Old tip sites in Hobart : benefits and impacts

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posted on 2023-05-27, 15:42 authored by Tamvakis, M
Old tip sites are important features of the urban landscape. Through their study we can learn many things about the environmental impact of solid waste disposal, and the community's attitude towards waste and their environment. The history of solid waste disposal in Hobart is a fascinating one of filth, death, disease and local government politics. Solid waste disposal was once performed indiscriminately and without regard for human health or the environment. Changing attitudes saw the cessation of waste being thrown into the streets, the gradual development of supervised tips instead of dump sites and the increasing awareness of the re-use and recycling of waste as a viable option to- landfill. Old tip sites today are an important part of the urban environment. They provide valuable open space and playgrounds for the people of Hobart. However, their environmental impact has not been examined to determine the extent of damage or whether there any damage has been done at all.


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