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Pathways to prevention or delinquency? : The protective role of schools (a Tasmanian study)

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posted on 2023-05-26, 23:57 authored by Adair, DS
This study examines the concept of schools as \protective\" institutions as defined by developmental (\"pathways\") criminology. Mainstream (consensus) developmental criminologies are critiqued leading through re-formulations of labeling and resistance theories to restorative and peacemaking criminology. Existing research into school conflict and exclusion is reviewed with an emphasis on Australian studies. Themes from interviews of Tasmanian state schools teaching and support staff Education Department support staff NGO youth support workers and private consultants in education and youth wellbeing are discussed in the light of the theory and literature review. An appreciation is formed in the Tasmanian context of how schools can be \"protective\" of students involved in or apparently headed towards delinquency."


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Copyright 2007 the author - The University is continuing to endeavour to trace the copyright owner(s) and in the meantime this item has been reproduced here in good faith. We would be pleased to hear from the copyright owner(s). Thesis (MCrimCorr)--University of Tasmania, 2007. Includes bibliographical references. Ch. 1. Theories of school conflict and delinquency -- Ch. 2. School conflict and exclusion -- Ch. 3. Methodology -- Ch. 4. Power and participation -- Ch. 5. Roles and relationships -- Ch. 6. Inclusion and exclusion -- Ch. 7. Conclusions

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