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Perceptions and views of a community towards No-Take Zone Marine Protected Areas on the Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania, Australia

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posted on 2023-05-27, 07:07 authored by Bantich, Mark(Mark Nicholas)
No-Take Zone Marine Protected Areas (NTZMPAs) have been recognised as an integral part of sustainable management of coastal and marine environments in many parts of the world. Since the declaration of the first NTZMPA few studies have focused on the views of the local communities affected by the establishment of a NTZMPA. In Tasmania studies have largely focused on the preservation of marine biodiversity. The aim of the research was to assess the level of support of residents and shack owners in the Eaglehawk Neck and Fortescue Bay regions of the Tasman Peninsula (Tasmania, Australia) towards the potential establishment of a no-take zone marine protected area. The research also assessed which selection criteria for NTZMPAs were considered important by residents and shack owners in the region and determined the extent of community empowerment in the decision making process to establish an NTZMPA. The Eaglehawk Neck and Fortescue Bay regions has historically been noted as being integrally linked to exploitation of the adjacent marine resources, both commercially and recreationally. Extensive community surveys were conducted with residents and shack owners in the research area. The results show the majority of residents and shack owners would support a NTZMPA in the region if community concerns, such as resource access, were addressed before establishment. Community support for a NTZMPA a result of a perceived decline in the quality of the marine and coastal environment in the region. Community involvement was considered essential for any NTZMPA proposals in the study area. Results also indicate a need by government environment and fisheries management bodies to increase community awareness and understanding of marine management issues in order to support the need for NTZMPAs.


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