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Potentials of an integrated approach to land-use planning and environmental impact assessment, with particular reference to the current Tasmanian situation

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posted on 2023-05-27, 18:22 authored by Phiromchai, Satit
Land allocation for development has a significant link with various forms of environmental impact. Consequently, environmental implications of development need to be appraised through mechanisms provided by effective planning systems. An integrated approach to land-use planning and environmental management is the central theme in this research. The thesis discusses land-use planning systems and environmental management, and the question of linking EIA to such systems, with a view to supporting the argument that integration could contribute to better environmental outcomes. The thesis sets the context by reference to other countries, particularly the United States and Britain. Under the planning system, ETA has been used in Britain to lessen pollution. The discussion moves to the concept and practice of ETA, and to Australian land-use planning and environmental management at State and local levels. Attention is focused on recent efforts in favour of more integrated approaches. Sustainable development is also addressed because of its imperative to consider development and environment cohesively, and because it is increasingly determining new frameworks for planning and environmental management. Within this context, integrated planning ideas are applied to analyse the new consolidated planning system in Tasmania. The finding of the study is that Tasmania's planning framework is well-designed, and a promising initiative towards achieving sustainability. However, planning mechanisms could be strengthened further by extending the requirement for the inclusion of environmental management tools, such as ETA and environmental audits (EA). Environmental management mechanisms like ETA and EA, and associated tools such as state of environment reporting, can play a significant role alongside land-use planning to achieve sustainable development. Suggestions for improvement and the future development of Tasmania's integrated planning system are proposed to conclude the study.


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