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Public corporations under the Commonwealth of Australia

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posted on 2023-05-27, 12:52 authored by Wettenhall, RL
My interest in public corporations was stimulated by a study of the European Coal and Steel Community undertaken during 1952. This international public corporation is of particular interest both administratively, because it has its own \Parliament\" \"Cabinet\" and \"Court\" created to act as channels for liaison accountability and control between the Community and its partner nations and politically because it represents one of the earliest positive achievements in the movement for a United Europe. It became apparent to me that although much had been written on the public corporation as the vehicle for nationalisation in Britain no recent attempt had been made in Australia to present an overall picture of the use made of the corporation in this country. Many writers such as Professor P.A. Bland and Sir Frederick Eggleston have contributed valuable articles from time to time over the last thirty-odd years on various aspects of the corporation while other historical accounts of particular corporations are available. Although it was suggested to me that I might examine closely one corporation or a small group of corporations for my thesis I have preferred to try to present a cross-section of all corporations in Australian Commonwealth experience. This has involved a brief consideration of the origins of the \"corporation movement\" in the Australian colonies of various developments in theory which may or my not have affected the shape of actual corporations and of the political background to the various creations and abolitions of corporations as well as the actual administrative provisions themselves. I am well aware that the material in this thesis will not satisfy anyone who is seeking a comprehensive account of a particular corporation. In a sense and with a few notable exceptions the individual studies that are in existence tend to be written from the point of view of the function of the particular corporation - banking or broadcasting or perhaps economics. My intention is rather to examine the Commonwealth corporations from the point of view of public administration which I believe to be closely related to and an integral part of the wider field of political science."


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