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Published papers in radio and space physics

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posted on 2023-05-26, 23:11 authored by Dowden, RL
The 34 published works (papers, notes and letters, all referred to here as \papers\") presented here span a period of 16 years and four main topics or fields in radio and space physics: Papers 1 2 : Ionospheric and related studies. Papers 3-17 28-34 : VLF electron-cyclotron mode (\"whistler Mode\") propagation and emission in the magnetosphere (called the \"exosphere\" in the earlier work). Papers 18-20 : Jupiter emission and related work. Papers 21-27 : Proton-cyclotron mode (variously called \"micropulsation mode\" \"ordinary mode\" and \"hydromagnetic\") propagation and emission in the magnetosphere. The order of presentation and listing is chronological with two exceptions (papers 17 and 20) to provide a more logical grouping. The \"early\" (3-17) and \"late\" (28 - 34) VLF papers are separated by an eight-year gap. The 30 papers for which I am the sole author are entirely my own work apart from help detailed in the Acknowledgements in each paper. Four other papers have a second author contributing in varying degrees. Mr Goldstone assisted in recording the event discussed in paper 3. Mr Emery assisted in data analysis in paper 22 and in construction of the device described in paper 23. Mr Allcock invented the basis of the technique described in paper 32. Papers for which I am not the senior author or which have multiple authorship have been omitted from this collection."


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