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Redeeming 'slippery' meaning from the gap between the present and past : exploring visual art processes and visual representation

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posted on 2023-05-28, 09:54 authored by Lee, EKJ
This study identifies and then investigates processes intrinsic to artworks that interrogate similarity and difference as situated within different assemblages of materials in artistic space. The impetus for this investigation emerged from an opportunity identified within the existing field of knowledge to redeem slippery meaning from the transitory space between two and three-dimensional forms. In doing so, the investigation demonstrates and makes explicit the significance of process and how it is integral to assembling meaning. This research explicates my current practices in relational concept and form with previous approaches to art-making, exploring art practices of other artists and published writings by Walter Benjamin, Georges Bataille and Gilles Deleuze. The research considers an artistic position that does not differentiate between sketches, painting, montage and assemblage. In doing so, the investigation explores issues such as 'formlessness' in the context of transposition, and slippage in relation to porosity within the procedural application of transparent polymer for three-dimensional painting. The main outcome of this research is the formation of a physically distinctive artistic perception and art practice, emerging in process through layers of transparency to blur the distinction between two- and three-dimensional forms. The research explores by critical examination creative practice as a layered differentiation, adopting an entanglement of creative approaches that challenges the threshold between two- and three-dimensional materials and approaches. In my practice-led research the redemption of slippage and the investigation of the layered space between various materials, positions us to make complex visual renderings of the value between two and three-dimensional data. The research outcome produced reflects the diversity and connectivity that is created when layers impact, entangle and dissect.


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