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Regional marine plans : fisheries management challenges under Australia's Oceans Policy

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posted on 2023-05-26, 21:50 authored by Foster, Elizabeth Grace
The release of the Commonwealth's Australia's Oceans Policy (AOP) in 1998, introduced the concept of integrated ecosystem-based oceans management to be implemented through Regional Marine Plans. The South-east Regional Marine Plan (SERMP) was the first plan developed under AOP. Fisheries, being the third largest industry in the south-east region, play a significant role in the implementation of the SERMP. This thesis identifies implementation issues for Australian fisheries in the broader context of regional marine planning. Specifically, fisheries and oceans management arrangements are analysed for their capacities to meet the objectives of AOP, in terms of integration and conflict management that crosses jurisdictions and sectors, and also within the fisheries sector. This thesis argues that effective implementation of the SERMP will require an advanced capacity for integration between sectors and jurisdictions. It also argues that the implementation of the SERMP will require more innovative and focused approaches to conflict management, so that traditionally opposing interest groups can work towards cohesive integrated oceans management. This thesis examines the development and implementation of the SERMP, supported by comparative analysis of international initiatives and other approaches to natural resource management. This analysis demonstrates that fisheries require a carefully planned combination of instrumental and institutional arrangements to address issues raised in the SERMP. Likewise, oceans management currently addresses integration issues at the higher echelons of government but lacks the operational support to effectively implement the SERMP. This thesis proposes the use of key tools that incorporate instrumental and institutional bases for integrated management that embody ecosystem-based management principles and effective conflict management techniques. Australia has traditionally adopted a
egative\" integration approach to natural resource management whereby activities should not be inconsistent with overall objectives for management. This thesis concludes that Australia needs to progress towards a more \"positive\" approach to integration in oceans management by breaking through traditional sectoral and jurisdictional mindsets in order to practically meet ecosystem-based objectives. This requires a more concentrated effort to build the integrative capacity from within sectors such as fisheries to meet the overall objectives of AOP."


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