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Robotic Vision By Using Bee Algorithm

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posted on 2023-05-26, 07:01 authored by Zhou, L
With the development of technologies, robots have played an important role in many fields of the society. They help people to deal with a large amount of work, especially operate in the extremely dangerous environment instead of people. For a robot, effective obstacle avoidance is still a challenge in the development of robot. The existing systems sometimes combine with multi-devices to conquer this challenge so that the expensive cost has been as a negative factor that cumbers the application of robot. For this purpose, find a way with the low equipment requirement but still having the high accuracy is essential. Optic flow as another algorithm coming from bee vision has been used to help robots avoid obstacles for many years. And it owns many advantages. This study presents a system based on the optic flow is developed to avoid obstacle in the view-field of the robot. The main point in this thesis is to show how the system works under an assumed environment for robot navigation, and compare the results to Thomas' to see whether the low equipment requirement can also achieve the purpose of avoiding obstacles.


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