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Secure Mobile Device Integration for Automotive Telematics

posted on 2023-05-26, 07:16 authored by Bruno, B
The vehicle is a challenging environment in which to interact with computing devices. Therefore, the vehicle environment offers computing a unique challenge, in that a method for safe and secure mobile device integration is required in order to provide a suitable communications channel for interaction with devices without distracting from the primary driving task. Moreover, a security architecture is required for mobile device integration in the vehicle paradigm. This architecture must be scalable, efficient and most importantly built on trusted and mathematically sound algorithms. This thesis examines the relevant literature in the field of automotive telematics, including the notion of mobile device integration. Moreover, issues in the vehicle paradigm are also discussed which include driver distraction, and the legal ramifications of in-vehicle mobile phone use. From a system design view point this thesis will then provide an overview of the design requirements for telematics products, and outline possible security protocols which could be implemented on constrained mobile devices. The ultimate aim of this thesis is to develop a security architecture for mobile device integration for automotive telematics based on the simple network management protocol (SNMPv3) user security model.


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