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Social, cultural and vocational aspects of demand for university education in Thailand.

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posted on 2023-05-27, 07:24 authored by Chareonphongse, Sansern
The thesis is divided into five major chapters; in addition to the Introduction and the Conclusion. The chapters which constitute the plan of the thesis are as follows. Chapter I considers the historical, administrative and curricular aspects of the Thai university education system. These aspects may be viewed as a context in which that education takes place and in which some of the demands for that education may be implied and thus structured. Chapter II discusses at some length the complex of Thai society's social values and also treats of the secularization and change of the tra-,4ional Thai/Buddhist values. Values of the society provide a basic frame of reference from which demands for university education tend to result. Chapter III is devoted to an examination of the demand for university education that is generated by the parents/children group. The chapter attempts to consider how some Thai social values about what university education can do for this social group determine the demand itself. Chapter IV concerns itself with an investigation of the demands which the business community and the government impose upon the university education system. After discussing the demand of the business for certain occupational categories of university graduates, the chapter presents an analysis of Thailand's national goals as a basic framework within which the government makes its \manpower requirement demand for economic and social development. Chapter V the longest of all the chapters deals with the study of demands which the two samples totalling three hundred students have made upon the Thai university education system. The demands are based upon the findings of the questionnaire survey. In this chapter some statistical techniques are used to analyse data obtained from the questionnaire."


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