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Speed limit detection using GPS/GSM/TCP/IP integration

posted on 2023-05-27, 14:31 authored by Van, TD
Many safety reports have identified excessive speed as major factor contributing to a large number of road accidents. Environmental and human factors such as alcohol consumption, adverse weather conditions and unexpected road hazards also play a part. In Australia, it has been reported speed factor is the main cause in approximately 20 per cent of all accidents (Haworth and Rechnitzer, 1993). In order to improve road safety as well as decrease the number of accidents, several methods and suggestions have been proposed. One of these is alerting drivers to \speed limit zones\". This thesis is aimed introducing GPS/GSM/TP/IP (Global Position System/ Global System for Mobile communication/ Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol) based speed limit detection. Generally as the name implies this system is designed and implemented by tracking the current position of the vehicle then based on this information obtain the name of the street that this vehicle is traveling on as well as speed limit permitted on this street. This is displayed on a screen to the driver. This system is practical since it is able to provide the driver with some clues about where he/she currently is and what speed limit or maximum speed he/she must not exceed. More applications of using this system will be discussed in a later chapter."


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