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Stress and coping in adolescents

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posted on 2023-05-26, 23:34 authored by Faulkner, Amanda Jane
The following review investigates stress and coping in adolescents. Some of the main stressors for adolescents are reviewed, and research into coping behaviour is examined. The effects of individual differences in stress and coping are also explored. There are many issues related to adolescent stress and coping that warrant further investigation. This review examines the different types of stress and the main stressors encountered by adolescents. Coping behaviour is explored, including the consistency of coping behaviour across situations. An appropriate assessment measure of adolescent coping (ACS) is recommended. The main coping strategies employed by adolescents are reviewed, and differences such as gender, age and ability, as well as school differences (private/state) in stress and coping behaviour are investigated. Social support, help seeking behaviour and coping are examined. It is concluded that further work is required in relation to the consistency of coping strategies across different situations perceived as stressful and non-stressful by adolescents.


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