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Studies of the life histories and morphology of Tasmanian conifers.

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posted on 2023-05-26, 21:15 authored by Elliott, Charles Gordon
Within its small area, Tasmania presents a remarkable profusion of endemic plants, a number of them belonging to genera which are confined to the state. Among the most interesting are the conifers, a list of which appears on page 3. Of these the genera Microcachrys, Athrotaxis, and Diselma are entirely confined to Tasmania, while the native species of Phyllbeladus, Daervdium, Pherosphaera, as well as Callitris oblonga, are all endemic. Modern research on conifer morphology has revealed a remarkable diversity in the order as a whole. The lack of information on some genera is obscuring our understanding of the interrelationships of the main groups. These genera are mostly found in isolated areas and have not been extensively cultivated; consequebntly few of them have been investigated. This is specially true of the Tasmanian conifers, our knowledge of most of which is very meagre.


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