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Stylistic direction : a performance based investigation of selected violoncello works of Peteris Vasks

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posted on 2023-05-27, 09:47 authored by Sophie RadkeSophie Radke
This research project has been focussed on the development of a contextually informed performance practice for selected violoncello works by the Latvian composer P¿ív¨teris Vasks (b. 1946). The development of Vasks' unique compositional style for cello and his extension of the instrument's technical boundaries are explored. The research investigates the practical implications for performers and the technical and musical objectives that are specifically relevant to three key cello works: Gr¿ívÖmata ¿ívßellam, Cello Concerto and Kl¿ívÖtb‚âଥtne. The research and the application of these discoveries in performance will be examined in four ways. There will be an exploration of the subject matter ‚Äö- thematic and inspirational ‚Äö- underlying Vasks' writing. Stylistic analysis will identify elements that are idiomatic to Vasks' compositions for cello. Vasks' stated opinions of his cultural background, political views and artistic influences will be observed in regard to the impact they have had upon the stylistic development of his cello compositions. Ultimately, preparation for performance of these works is a key component of research methodology, through experimenting with technical and expressive solutions and reflecting on interpretations of these works by other cellists. The findings of this research provide a stylistic paradigm by which cellists may form an effective interpretation of Vasks' works for the instrument, particularly in relation to the progressive stylistic and technical aspects inherent to the works.


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