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Technical demands of selected contemporary works for violin

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posted on 2023-05-26, 17:27 authored by Ho, ACK
This exegesis provides an overview of selected contemporary works composed for the violin over the past four decades. It elaborates on the practical demonstration and interpretation of contemporary composition, as well as some of the ideas and innovations that have shaped performance practice. Live and recorded performances and a web-based demonstration are used to illustrate a variety of technical and expressive demands placed on the performer of the selected violin repertoire. Three recorded doctoral recitals demonstrate links between traditional and contemporary violin music. The intention of the recitals is to show the audience that contemporary violin music is accessible to both player and audience. The ideas that underpin this music are explored in the written component of the exegesis. Some of the issues facing performance of contemporary music are addressed, with particular emphasis on the influence exerted by the experimental movement and the indeterminist style. The intention is to consider music and musical practice that pushes the boundaries of the traditional classical paradigm. Works studied in depth are by composers Luciano Berio, Robert Davidson, Damien Ricketson and Clarence Mak.


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Copyright 2006 the Author - The University is continuing to endeavour to trace the copyright owner(s) and in the meantime this item has been reproduced here in good faith. We would be pleased to hear from the copyright owner(s). Accompanying six CDs in separate container. Thesis (PhD)--University of Tasmania, 2007. Includes bibliographical references. Ch. 1. Introduction -- Ch. 2. Technical demands of the violin after 1960 -- Ch. 3. Performance discussion: Luciano Berio, Robert Davidson, Damien Ricketson, Clarence Mak

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